Good Samaritan Boys Ranch

About the Ranch…
The Good Samaritan Boys Ranch was founded in 1959 by the Reverend Bob Johnson of Seminole Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri. Since then our mission has been to provide hope for those who have not had hope and to provide a safe and caring home for those boys who have come from broken or non-existent homes. We help boys who have been abused and neglected to become responsible, productive young adults. We believe our dedication to this end benefits society in our area as a whole by preventing the recycling of child abuse from generation to generation and cutting the chain of problematic behavior. The Good Samaritan Boys Ranch is an investment in the future.

The President of the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch, Mr. Kevin Killian, built this building so that I could create a woodworking facility and teach the boys how to make useful things from wood. I wanted the boys to feel the excitement of making something beautiful and useful by using their hands and their creativity. They then present that gift to someone who has been kind to them and thank them for their kindness. Shaker oval boxes are easily created by the boys of all ages and make these special gifts. The boys really enjoy this process and look forward to their time in the woodworking shop.