Kezorou Kai Group Photo
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Kezurou Kai

I planned this trip over a year in advance so that I could build several chairs for many of my special friends in Japan. I started working with Masaru Kamijo and Yoshiki Yamada for hotel and shop space accommodations to assemble the chairs prior to the Kezurou Kai event.

My friend, Shane Coyle, from London met me at the Fukuoku airport the evening of 5 Nov. 2018 and we went to the New Plaza Hotel where we stayed the next eight days. When I told Shane in Sept. 2017 that I was going to Japan he immediately said that he wanted to go with me and help assemble the chairs and weave the seats. He was very interested in the Japanese woodworking and tool making event of Kezurou Kai.

Assembling the chairs...

We spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday assembling six chairs and weaving their seats at Yoshiki Yamada’s home shop. His mother and father were very gracious hosts for our work. Mr. Yamada enjoyed watching us work and participated in the seat weaving. He ultimately wanted to buy the cherry musicians chair.

At Kezurou Kai...

Later, Mr. Yamada and his son Yoshiki presented Shane and I their official Kezurou Kai jackets that were made with fabric designed specifically for the event in Kurame, Japan. This was a very special presentation.

I assembled and wove the seat of the seventh chair during Kezurou Kai so attendees could watch and learn about the chair making process.

Taking in the sights...

The day after Kezurou Kai concluded, Shane and I did a walking tour of the temples in Kurame and then the ancient Kurame Castle ruins. This was a wonderful way to conclude our visit to Japan.